PPE for Ozone Treatments

In answer to the many requests about the type of personal protective equipment (PPE) needed for an ozone treatment, the answer is pretty simple.  The first rule for an ozone treatment is that people and pets must be out of the treatment area.  Ozone is a respiratory irritant, and exposure to high ozone levels will first cause a tickle cough that will resolve once in fresh air.  Prolonged exposure will then cause a "tired lung" feeling as though you had run a foot race.  This too will pass.  Lengthy time in an ozone environment can further irritate the mucus membrane that may have more serious impact on your health.

The most important PPE is a carbon filter mask.  These are found in some hardware stores.  Look in the paint section since paint fumes would be similar to ozone.  As a gas or fume, ozone is filtered by carbon filters.  There are disposable and regular carbon filter masks.  Do not get a mask that filters particles, like an N95.  It must be a charcoal filter mask.

Some people with sensitive eyes may want a full face mask instead of mouth and nose type mask.  In the vast majority of cases, ozone should have no affect on the eyes or skin.

All pets, including turtles, reptiles, hamsters, birds, dogs and cats should be removed from the treatment area as their respiratory system will be affected as well.

Make sure your ozone generator has a timer on it so you do not over-treat the area.  For a quality machine like the 15/30G MAXX, treatment last about 2-4 hours.  If you need more treatment, do the treatments in cycles allowing enough time for the area to normalize.  Evaluate the impact and treat again as needed.  Avoid any treatment or advice for ozone treatments lasting more than eight hours.  Either the machine is too small for the area to properly treat, or the promoter is badly informed.

If you are doing the work as a service, consider the Certified Ozone Technician course from the National Ozone Association.