Remove the Smell of Curry

When it comes to a distinct smell, curry is a strong and particular odor.  Curry smell is particularly difficult to remove.  We generally use a two-step process to remove curry smell from an apartment or house.  

The first step is an intense cleaning of every square inch of the kitchen.  This includes counter, cabinets inside and out, stove and stove vent, and walls.  If the cleaner you are using doesn't turn a deep orange color, you need to find a better cleaning product.  The real success depends of an intense cleaning effort.  Clean until your cloths no longer show the orange color.

The rest of the house is impacted with curry smell, but the most critical is wherever the cooking is done.  

Do not paint over the walls until the problem has been effectively treated.  And, cleaning drapes and carpet is often a part of the process.

Once the cleaning is done and you've done all you can do, it is time for ozone.  Place the ozone generator in one or more rooms.  It is best to place them off the floor, maybe 3-4 feet off the floor for better circulation.  Take note of the cold air return vents because it is good to put the ozone generators relatively close to the cold air vents.  Then, make sure the furnace fan is on manual ON setting so the ducts get treated as well.

Since currey is a strong smell, the ozone treatment should be 3-6 hours at a time.  Let the rooms breathe for a day or two and retreat as necessary.  If the smell persists, a professional knows that he has missed an area.  Review and react as needed.

Finally, badly impacted homes or apartments will often hold "A Smell" after a good treatment when entering into a closed building from the fresh air.  Do not be thrown off by this.  Look at the long view where you reduce the problem in steps and stages.  Finally, you can paint when the odor issue is mostly gone.  Use a odor control paint that prevent leaching of smells from the paint underneath.