Remove the Death Odor

Hotel Room OdorsIf you are in the odor business, there will be the eventual call to step in an remove the "Death Odor" from a house, condo, or apartment.  If you take on the task, you should know to wear coveralls, a mask, and gloves depending on how well things have been cleaned prior to you arriving on the job.  Some people what a full cleaning while other jobs have already done the hard work.

Nonetheless, getting out the odors happen AFTER a full and deep cleaning is done.  This is just common sense.  

Getting the death odor (or even a hoarder odor) out of the house is not a four hour, one-shot treatment.  These strong, pungent odors are always embedded.  So, things like carpet, furniture, and curtains are typically not salvageable.  If you keep these in the building, you increase the challenge.  

Run something like our 100G Pro in the house for 6-8 hours, and then let the house breathe so the embedded odor will release.  Then, do another 6-8 hour treatment.  We find that it takes two to three cycles to get the embedded odors out.