Repair an Ozone Generator

repair ozone generatorI estimate that there are hundreds of thousands old ozone generators sitting in closets, basements, and garages that aren't working anymore.  The bad news is you'll never find the parts needed for a China-built ozone generator.  So, it is little more than money poorly spent.  Most companies do not stock or offer parts to repair their ozone generators.  And, they do not offer to repair units previously sold.

At All Ozone, we have always carried the parts to repair our ozone generators.  We also carry the parts needed to update or repair your All Ozone generator.

In 2021, we upgraded our design to include a "Plug and Play" for the more critical parts of our ozone generator.  We offer the "First of its Kind" modular transformer & plates replacement system.  After years of use, you can make your All Ozone generator run like new by easily replacing the transformer and plates in just 15 minutes.  

Other than abuse, we find that our ozone generators are still in use four and five years after they were purchased.  This is impressive as we spent a lot of time on a quality, professional design for our ozone generators.  

The new 15/30G MAXX is probably our best ozone generator yet.  The design is very strong and durable.  The internal parts are all first class and innovative designs.  This is, in fact, one of the very best ozone generator on the market at this price.  It is versatile, powerful, well-constructed, and priced not to hurt your pocketbook.

Take note as well that we support our equipment with U.S. facilities.  We carry the parts and offer to repair or update our past units.  

In addition, we offer a Basic Ozone Training course and ongoing office support with every purchase.