Simple to Repair

What you will find in an All Ozone generator is the beauty that others only hope to copy.  Every one of our systems has a removable top that comes off with four screws.  When open, you will see the genius of our design efforts, but that genius is realized as you see that every part is accessible and easy to clean or repair.  The only tool you will need is a Philips screwdriver and ten minutes of time.  

The most vulnerable part of an ozone generator is the bulb or plate used to create the spark.  They need to be cleaned routinely and replaced after months of heavy use.  Previously, you needed skinny fingers, the eyes of an eagle, and plenty of tools to get the job done.  Plate replacement meant de-soldering and soldering wires to the plates.  

Our T20 has no wires to solder.  There are just a couple of screws to take out the old and put in the new.  Literally, it couldn't be simpler.  Any of our systems can be repaired with one tool.  A philips screwdriver.  Nothing else!

If you are hesitant to do even this work, send it in.  Our compact size and lightweight will not bust the bank to get your system running like new.  Many customers replace the ozone plates once a year.  They will still be working, but fresh plates put out a lot more ozone than dirty or worn plates.

Remember, All Ozone generators were built to last seven years or more.  And, it new improvements come along, they are even upgradable.