Get Rid of Smoke Odors with Ozone

One of the most common questions we get is if ozone will get rid of smoke smell.  Ozone will get rid of smoke odors, but there are smart ways to get the job done right.

If we are dealing with years of cigarette smoking that has yellowed the walls, ozone is only part of the cure.  Especially if you can feel the sticky tar from the years of cigarette smoking.  Please do not attempt to paint over smoke problems because the smoke smell will leach through once the paint dries.  In really bad cases, washing the walls is a huge project that really should be done before moving to other solutions.

Use ozone to remove smoke odors when the walls are not badly yellowed, or after you have washed yellowed walls.  Frankly, you may need to run the ozone for 8 or more hours depending on the size of the ozone generator.  Most of the ozone generators sold online are toys pretending to be commercial grade machines, so buy an ozone generator that will American built and commercial grade.  

If you are in the real estate management business, quality equipment is a major requirement.  You will want the power of our 64G unit and the durability we offer.  Our 64G unit can treat light odors in 1-2 hours, medium odors in 3-4 hours, and really bad odors in 5-6 hours.  If the smell persists, the suggestion is to cycle the ozone over a few days allowing the room to breathe.  

If the problem is smoke from a fire, the ozone is used after everything is clean up and burned areas removed or painted over.  

Ozone can be used by car dealerships with clear out smoke and odors.  The 32G unit is best in this case.  Treat a car for about one hour, and the smoke odors will dissipate.  Very bad smoke odors may take more than one cycle of treatment.  Smoke odors can embed into carpet, fabric, and padding.  So, a car sitting for days in the sun may still have a faint smoke odor when someone first enters the car.  Ozone seems to be more like an application.  You can use it to take the problem from bad to not-so-bad.  In time, even a not-so-bad odor can be taken down to a minor concern.

And, we do find that people with sensitive noses will likely require more treatment than average types.  The good news is that if you own the ozone generator, you can give the problem as many treatments as needed.