RV Odor & Ozone

Recently, we were contacted by the owner of a RV part.  With several RVs they owned, rented, and sold; odors were pretty intense.  Particularly, because the RV park was in Texas.  The question was whether ozone would remove the odors they encounter with regularity.  They were smoking odors, cooking odors, pet and urine smells, and a general funk that cam from short term use and period of being closed up.

What could be worse than entering an RV when someone forgot to take out the trash, or pet urine smells were magnified by the heat?  

Here is a short lesson on odor removal with ozone.  First of all, ozone always works.  It is a fact of nature.  But with some intense odors, they are heavily embedded in the building or vehicle.  And, they are not going to come out without some serious effort.  I always recommend that the first critical step is cleaning.  Do all you can to get the source of the odors cleaned out, even though this can be a gross job.

Second, use ozone as a step process.  Using one of our 40,000 ozone generators is effective, but remember that ozone is a topical application.  It starts at the outside and works its way to the source.  So, it could take multiple applications.  A typical application is 2-4 hours in duration.  Then, take a break and let the air return to normal.  Determine if the odor is still present.  If it is still present, try a second or third application.  You will eventually remove the odor.  Just be patient and smart in how you go after the odor.  

Carpets, furniture, and textile ceiling are porous and they can hold odors deep inside.  This is why you may want to cycle the ozone treatment giving the latent odor a chance to emerge before the next treatment.  As I said.  Ozone always works.  It is only a question of how much ozone treatment is needed.  We have seen ozone used to remove death odors, hoarder home odors, and smoke odors.  This is not a blind effort, but a thoughtful process that always starts with the best cleaning job possible.  If you do it right, you will get the odor out.