Using Ozone to Sanitize a Building

Sanitizing Sick BuildingWith the emphasis on the COVID-19 or a COVID-19 variant as the biggest threat of our lives, take a moment to consider that sanitizing a sick building could be about more than the latest virus.  The fact is that buildings are a collection of health concerns and people have been getting sick in building for the last 100 years.  While sick building issues have not been as acute or rapid-moving as COVID-19, millions of workers, students, and office staff has been seriously impacted by various sick building threats.

The National Ozone Association advocates for a broad spectrum treatment that will not only sanitize for COVID-19, but other viruses, bacteria, toxic conditions from VOCs, allergy triggering particles, and poor indoor air quality.

If a customer is paying for a service, why pay for just one problem from a service that uses a chemical that will actually make other IAQ issues worse?  The most obvious counter-intuitive treatment is using bleach to sanitize any surface.  Bleach will sanitize, when applied properly, but it is well-known that bleach produces VOCs with are toxic gasses in the year.  The same may be true of other sanitizing chemicals.  If there is a strong smell produced by the cleaning product, it is likely adding to the compounding toxic bioload fo the building.

Ozone, for example is an all-natural treatment that uses an enriched form of oxygen that reverts back to normal oxygen when it is done.  Professional services are treating the areas for 30-60 minutes with ozone followed by a fogging with Decon Five, which is a Green solution that is an EPA registered sanitizer and disinfectant, but also brings the broad spectrum impact that detoxifies and decontaminates the building at the same time.

This treatment is a time-efficient service that does more than a sanitizing service for the same cost or better.  The labor cost of hand scrubbing a building and all surfaces can be more expensive than a professional service that uses an effective fogging process.  

We suggest that a daily sanitizing program is an absolute necessity as workers are taught to maintain a infection prevention protocol.  Adding a sanitizing service at least once a month is a safety net routine that is a compliment to daily and weekly cleaning and sanitizing.

Please review all cleaning and sanitizing product to determine if they are Green certified.