Smelly Real Estate Cure

I just spoke with a home inspector who was interested in odor removal.  He obviously is very observant, and said that recently at least 70% of real estate for sale have noticeable odors.  Odors are something may seek to ignore when possible.  Otherwise, they mask the odors with potpourri or fragrance diffusers.  This is unfortunate and a little unfair.  How much better to literally get rid of those odors?  

By the way, cleaning the carpet and even painting the walls is not enough.  This will certainly help, but odors will come back. Smoke odors, animal and pet urine smells, and even cooking odors are part of the normal course of life.  Did you realize that the "Live In" smell is a fact?  Years of activities in the home are embedded on every surface.  There is a biofilm that happens everywhere.  It is about 10 nanometers thick, so it is virtually undetectable except by testing.  This film is simply huge since it is on every surface, including walls, ceilings, and furniture.  The biofilm acts like a sponge or mesh and holds particles for years.  

If you paint over it, the odor will return as the paint dries and becomes porous again.  That is why even scented paint will fail the odor test after it is fully dry.

What works to get odors out of real estate?  Cleaning is always the critical first step.  Wall washing is needed when smokers have coated the walls with a yellow film.  But, before you paint (hopefully), if it a good idea to use a powerful ozone generator. We suggest the 20,000 mg/hr or 40,000 mg/hr units from All Ozone generators.  Ozone is an environmentally-safe oxidizer that hits the odors where they live changing the molecular structure.  Once oxidized, odors are rendered odorless.  This is tremendously better than masking odors.

No two homes are alike.  Some need a lot of help.  Others need a little help.  View the odor elimination process as a layered approach.  Run the system for 3-4 hours, let the house air out and evaluate the process 24 hours later.  If the odor is still present, run the ozone generator in cycles of 3-6 hours to erode the actual source of the odors.  This is done only after the cleaning efforts have been accomplished for best results.  

In homes that have been badly abused and odors are horrible, the trash removal, tear out, and cleaning is an absolute necessity.  Ozone is a great finisher.  It will kill mold, odors, and bacteria that is causing those foul odors.  Hoarder homes, bad tenants, or a foul smelling homes must be treated in cycles.  Ozone always works.  This is science, not guesswork.  It is only a question of how much ozone to apply.  The 40,000 ozone generator gives you the available power to treat light or bad odor problems.  You adjust the amount and cycles of ozone based up what it takes to destroy the odors.