316 Stainless Steel in our Ozone Generators

There are many important elements used in our ozone generators.  Ozone is a fairly corrosive gas, and will rust or corrode connections over time.  There are many producers using zinc or copper fittings believing that you must replace your equipment anyway.  We decided a long time ago to use the most anti-corrosive parts possible.  For wire connections, we not only solder, we seal with tape and heat shrink to seal out all air.  We apply an anti-corrosive paste to any exposed metal part that comes with a fitting.  This takes time, but we want our equipment to last knowing that quality will attract serious people as well.

One of the longevity issues in the build are screws, nuts, washers, and case.  We could go with stainless-steel 18-8, but we buy the more expensive Stainless 316 because we want out machines to last for years.  You see, stainless steel does not corrode in an ozone environment, so the equipment will not fail.  

We also use the more expensive ball bearing fans that are made to standup up to demanding requirements.  These fans are specifically chosen to produce volumes of ozonated air without failing.  The overall impact is a professional machine that will do the job for years.

The decision to build the new professional zone 40,000 in a heavy-duty aluminum with powder coating adds more than $150 to the actual cost of the build.  This unit is lightweight, durable, and looks great.