Countdown Timer

Timer for Ozone GeneratorWhat is needed is a "Mistake Proof" ozone generator that offers plenty of power but does not allow prolonged over-treatment.  So, the 15-30G Max units have easy-to-use controls that permit up to 3 hours (180 minutes) of ozone at two levels (15,000 and 30,000 mg/hr).  This solves the persistent question of what size ozone unit to buy and how long to treat.  

Every month, the National Ozone Association receives 3-4 calls about over-treated buildings where the ozone smell doesn't go away.  Just remember that it is better to treat once or twice than to over-treat a job.  When you own the 15-30G you can take measured steps to solve the problem without the fear of persistent ozone smell.

Our One Touch system allows the user to quickly choose the right time for a treatment.  Hint:  Try 2-hour treatments to determine if a longer cycle is needed.  Since you own the generator, do not try to overpower the odor.  In many cases, it took a long time for the problem to happen.  Think of odor or contamination as layers.  Start with cleaning, then erode the smell in stages for best results.

The builtin timer is quite a safety feature.  We have heard too many bad experiences when the ozone generator was left on too long.  This can embed the ozone smell and cause damage to goods.

The timers/switches are in a separate compartment from the ozone generation for added durability and protection.

Beware of ozone generators that suggest they users run them for more than 8 hours at a time.  This is unwise and unprofessional.  Damage to soft rubber or plastic goods and the potential of "embedding the ozone smell" can happen with over-treatment.  Our systems are professional-level machines that will do an amazingly good job in 2-6 hours of treatment.