Timer for Ozone Generators

We are pleased to be one of the leaders in timers used for an ozone generator.  One criticism from a jealous competitor said that timers will fail in ozone environments.  Really?  Ozone is used all the time in industrial applications where electronic equipment is used to test, measure, and control the equipment.  Aquariums use ozone to sanitize the water.  While ozone is a corrosive, it is not a problem when the systems are sealed or built with non-corrosive materials.  

After two years of installing timers in our 15/30G MAX, we have not had the first timer failure.  Of course, we add in a manual switch just in case; but that is because we think ahead of the curve.  Anything can fail in time, but our parts are chosen to withstand adverse conditions.

The use of the builtin timer is far more important than people think.  Some companies suggest treatments of 4, 8, 12, and 24 hours.  This is because their ozone generator is too small to do the job properly and they extend the treatment time to compensate for the lack of ozone output.  

Our timer allows up to three hours of treatment.  This is an important safeguard because a prolonged treatment that can embed the ozone smell.  When you own the 15/30G MAx, you have the luxury of treating the odor, mold, or infection problem in a massive, one-time treatment.  We strongly suggest solving problems using incremental steps that allow you to evaluate the progress.  Some problems can be solve in one treatment.  Othertimes, the problem developed over years and is best solved by a series of shorter treatments.  

When you can match the problem with the solution, you will learn that our 15/30G MAX is the perfect tool for nearly any indoor problem.