Treating Mold with Ozone

Treating mold with ozone is no mystery, but it must be a serious effort.  The work should be done on three levels.  First, is killing the mold, second is removing any mold or damaged material. Third is filtering out mold spores.  And, if you do this yourself, be sure to wear protective equipment, of filter mask, goggles, and gloves.

killing mold with ozone will require an ozone treatment of 4-8 hours. This kills the mold, but even dead mold is a health concern.  During the whole process, run one or more HEPA room air filters in the rooms.  HEPA filters are very important.  Vacuum all areas with a HEPA vacuum.  

The more involved concern removing damaged material to a clean surface.  Mold has roots that digest wood that can regenerate if not killed and removed.

Also, keep humidity levels as low as possible during the treatment.  You may want run the ozone generator several times during the process to insure that exposed areas are fully treated.

Finally, mold only happens when there is a water leak of some kind.  It permanently solve the problem, the water leak must be found and stopped.  In places like basements or closed off rooms, you will need to constantly run a dehumidifier.  Get one that shows the humidity level.  It should be under 70% to inhibit mold growth.

The 1530 G MAXX is a good choice for killing mold.  Live mold will shoot out mold spores if disturbed.  Dead mold will not shoot out spores making it easier to clean.  However, dead mold is still a health concern.