UV Light for Spotting Odor Problems

Most odors are invisible to the normal eye.  But, they are easily seen with a powerful UV light.  The light must overcome the ambient light in the room, so our special Hi-Output light is perfect for finding where the odors are.  This light is useful for spotting insects and insect droppings.  The ability to spot and treat spills, urine problems, or any odor source is very important to a complete odor solution.

UV Flashlight

 ...    $35 w free shipping

Ballistic hard case, UV flashlight that is best used in dim light to located sources of odor.

Find pet urine spotsWe include UV protective glasses with your order.  Do not look into the light without protective lenses.  Aim the light at any area to reveal the real source of odor problems.  Mark the area and treat with one of our products.  Retreat until the source of the odor is gone.

Treat "Hot Spots" of urine or spills with a saturation of Chlorine Dioxide.  We offer the 20 mg tablets HERE

Chlorine dioxide is a relatively safe water-based mixture that can be applied to most color-safe materials.  Chlorine dioxide is an oxidizer, like ozone, that can be applied in a mist or spray.  The difference is that chlorine dioxide can go down deep into carpet and fabric to neutralize odor sources.  Use it also to mist walls for smoke odors after an ozone treatment.