Warranty and Terms of Service

We warranty all aspects of our units.  It helps to know that we spent a lot of time on the design and choice of parts so that repairs are not necessary.  However, parts will eventually fail, but your system will last for years if you keep it in good repair.  We design our equipment with a FIVE YEAR life expectancy with normal maintenance.  It is easy to maintain the unit so it should work as well as the day you bought it.  

Ship or Repair

 If your generator is covered by our warranty, we will send the part to you with instructions at no charge.  We carry all parts in stock, so parts usually go out the same or next day.  If you prefer, you can always send your unit to us to repair if you prefer.  You are responsible for shipping costs, but warranty repairs are at no charge.  Even if repairs take only 1-2 days, shipping back and forth makes it nearly about a week in all.  Since nearly every repair takes only a philips screwdriver and 10 minutes of time, you may opt for making minor repairs yourself, but that is your option.

As everyone should know, do not allow the unit to be plugged into the electrical circuit during any repair.  This is basic precautions for any electrical system.

Our Warranty & Support

All parts are warranted for one full year for parts and labor.  We do not pay shipping.  The only parts not covered by the warranty are the plates which are considered a consumable.  Plates and transformers are warranted for 90 days to assure that no early problems will be ignored.  The plates are supposed to last for one to two years according to the manufacturer, but this is all based upon the amount of use and abuse to the system.  Heavy use or working in harsh conditions will require cleaning and plate replacement more often.

After the first year, we offer "Flat Rate" refurbishing that should bring the machine back to like-new operations.  Fees are:  (Shipping not included)

     1- 15/30G Pro is $99 for full refurbishing

Our one year warranty is very generous compared to other equipment.  But, also know that our warranty is not a hesitant offer.  We want you to be more than pleased with our service, so we go the extra mile.  Also, the warranty is based in the absolute confidence we have in our equipment.  Every component was chosen for durability and performance.  We fully expect to see our well-designed systems three, five, and seven years later performing like new.

We do not warranty against abuse of the equipment, loss of equipment, water damage, improper voltage supply to the unit, non-approved modifications or parts.  If your service uses the equipment in harsh, dirty, and heavy remediation circumstances the warranty is limited a one-time parts replacement option.  Ozone generators are not intended for commercial use in continuous operation, dirty condition, water exposure, foul conditions, or general abuse.  Such abuse voids the warranty but the "Flat Rate" service is available.

We do not refund on any sales for any reason.  Our warranty is a "Repair or Replace" policy that is designed to allow customers the best care possible.