What Makes the Best Ozone Generator?

As more ozone vendors show up on line, the question of the best ozone generator get more difficult to decide.  Instead of trying to decide which is the best, it may be better to eliminate the ones that aren't a good choice.  

First of all, if the ozone generator was made (or originiated) in China or Japan, you should probably look elsewhere.  Chinese generator do not last long due to inferior construction, and any warranty is worthless when you find out how much shipping overseas will cost.  American resellers do not improve the value of equipment.

The second group to eliminate are the garage-built systems that are either toolboxes, sewer boxes, or formerly a fan, blower, or vacuum.  Repurposing some existing container is a short-cut that cuts cost and true engineering.  Regardless of grand boasts, there are major issues with any over-hyped garage-builder who knows that they are voiding any warranty the equipment once had.  The other issue is that blowers, fans, and vacuums were not intended to work in an ozone-intense environment.

Third, avoid any ozone generator that uses stainless steel mesh plates.  This is very old technology that has no way to prove the true output.  This means the promoter can make claims for a much more powerful ozone generator than tests prove out.  Stainless steel scene elements for ozone production do not have strong ozone production and quickly lose power with use.  

At All Ozone Generators, we build our units from scratch.  The units are fabricates in our plant using the highest quality parts.  Our ozone generators were built from Day One to be ozone generators.  They are not repurposed blowers, fans, or vacuum cleaners.

We engineered what we feel is the best ozone generator on the market,.  While other ozone generator heat up with use, causing premature failure; the All Ozone generators run cool all the time.  For treatments lasting 3-8 hours, our equipment stays cool to the touch,.  This is because of the "Cooling Channel" we built into the design.

All ozone is one of the few ozone generators using the T30 ozone transformers and plates.  These are the latest and best ozone transformers anywhere.  They offer long-life, excellent ozone production,and easy maintenance.  In fact, all the parts are the best possible for a great final product.

When it is all said and done, and the hype is blown away, the All Ozone generators are literally the best on the best on the market.