Ozone Shock - The Goal

Ozone ShockYou may have heard of shock level ozone or ozone shock.  This means you have basically driven the ozone levels to above 6 ppm, which is very powerful for odor removal, sanitizing, or mold kill.  By now, everyone should know that pet and people cannot safely enter a shock level ozone environment without a carbon filter mask or air-fed respirator; which would be true of any gas saturation.  To get rid of odors, germs, bacteria, and mold; you need quick development of shock level ozone.  The Professional Ozone generators are specifically designed to create shock level ozone.

The ozone output is the intended purpose of these units.  While some claim that the 4,000 and 5,000 ozone generators are able to do the job, they are not.  That is why you eventually learn that treating a 4000 or 5000 sq ft house may require three days of 24 hr operation to even get close to what a 12,000 unit can do in 3-4 hours.  Like bleach, a teaspoon of bleach in a bucket will kill germs .... eventually.  But, a cup of bleach in a bucket of water will kill germs much more quickly.

To be clear, the ozone generators sold on this site are quite powerful.  They are the kind of ozone generators used by professionals.  Of course, they will create shock level ozone in just 30 minutes of operation which aggressively drives ozone into every part of the building, carpet, drapes, furniture, walls, and ceiling.  To do the job in hours instead of days, you need to create ozone in large quantities, and do it fast.  

Our generators are the best developed machines on the market.  In 2015, we went to the best engineers to develop every aspect of our ozone generators.  There are a number of design improvements, and a lot of attention given to each part we put into the units.  In the end, this was a quantum leap forward leaving nearly every other unit years behind our innovations.  The cost of our custom design systems are more than others are paying for air blowers they then turn into ozone generators.  But, you get what you pay for.  

Fortunately, our prices are more than competitive because we work with large firms buying fifty units at a time.  With volume comes better pricing.  Trust the company that large disaster firm already trust, and All Ozone is that firm.