Why Ozone Generators Fail

Professional Ozone GeneratorWe have been asked many times why our ozone generators are better.  After all, don't they all claim to have the best ozone generator on the planet?  However, the question is very legitimate, but quickly gets into the technical stuff.

So, let's make it simple.  Heat is the enemy of any electronics.  So, heat dissipation is a big deal.  If the equipment is properly ventilated, it runs cool, and the ozone generator will have a longer life.  That is why we make the extra effort to ventilate the heat from each of the transformers.  Not so with 90% of the competition.  The typical ozone transformer is literally screwed down to the wall or floor of the unit.  What people do not know is that the heat is dissipated from the bottom of the transformer.  So, the heat prematurely degrades all the parts in the ozone generator unit.

This goes to the quality and integrity of the builder.  We see the classic trend to take an existing fan or blower, install ozone transformers directly to the inside surface, and call it a super-good ozone generator.  Most of our competition is either from China, with less-than-quality systems, or from self-educated garage builders who hack fans and blower into ozone machines.  This is not how we work.  Fans and blowers are not made to be ozone machines.  The fans, switches, and supporting parts often degrade with constant exposure to ozone.  So, the extended life of these units is short, even if they work well at the beginning.

We spent time with engineers to build a superior ozone generator.  We thought of every aspect, what could go wrong, and the technical things that seem almost too small to worry about.  In the end, our 32G stands head and shoulder over 90% of the self-promoted ozone machines.  How?  We don't hack fans and blowers to save on cost but increase profits.  We build our units in the United States from scratch.  We fabricate the cases and parts.  We hand build every unit in a professional shop.  And, we use stainless steel parts that resist corrosion.

In the end, our equipment will last for five, six, and seven years with normal maintenance.  Buy our 32G once is equal to buying a lesser ozone machine two or three times.