Why Ozone Generators Fail?

Professional Ozone GeneratorWe have been asked many times why our ozone generators are better.  After all, don't they all claim to have the best ozone generator on the planet?  However, the question is very legitimate but quickly gets into the technical stuff.  Simply put, we invested a lot of great engineering from the handle to the case and everything you can't see.  We feel that this is going to be an ozone generator that everyone will want to own.  Intelligent engineering is much more than boast.  It starts with an extremely durable case that is surprisingly portable for the output power of the 15/30 MAX ozone generator.  Durability, portability, and reliability is something our customers love.

When it comes to engineering a reliable ozone generator, we know that heat is the enemy of any type of electronics.  So, heat dissipation is a big deal.  If the equipment is properly ventilated, it runs cool, and the ozone generator will have a longer life.  That is why we make the extra effort to ventilate the heat from each of the transformers.  You will not see this feature with 90% of the competition.  The transformer and ozone plates create heat.  Other than the fan, little has been done to create a cool running system ... until now.  We developed our plates with an integrated heat diffuser on every plate.  The result is better ozone production and longer life from these unique plates.

While discussing heat issues, our design team wanted to know what would happen if the fan failed.  The heat issue could destroy the system and cause burning.  So, we put in TWO FANS (intake and exhaust) which produce a strong flow of air to distribute the ozone throughout the building.

Versatility was another concern.  How can we vary the ozone output to match smaller, larger, or complex treatment areas?  The 15/30G MAX has a switch adjusting output from 15,000 mg/hr to 30,000 mg/hr.  This allows one system to adjust to the treatment need.  Use the 15G for cars and a bedroom issue.  Switch to 30G for whole house treatments of a 3000+ sq ft house.  For larger areas, we suggest multiple units to more evenly distribute ozone through large or complex building instead of one large system that is expensive, heavy, and expensive to repair.  Three 15/30G MAX units can deliver 90,000 mg/hr of ozone that are strategically places throughout the treatment areas.  There is no need to lug a heavy 80,000 mg/hr ozone generator and several fans to force the ozone toward distant areas.

We asked the National Ozone Association to review this ozone generator, and the reviews were excellent.  It seems that the planning, improvements, and design came together to create the kind of ozone generator that stands out from so many of our competitors.  We are particularly proud of the weight and footprint of this unit.  For the size, the output is astounding.  30,000 mg/hr is what we believe is the perfect size that is neither too small or too large for a variety of jobs.  

When customers ask about "What size ozone generator should I buy?", we have the perfect answer.  Our 15/30G Max can easily switch between 15,000 for smaller jobs and 30,000 for larger jobs.  It is like having two ozone generators in one.  

We spent time with engineers to build a superior ozone generator.  We thought of every aspect, what could go wrong, and the technical things that seem almost too small to worry about.  In the end, our 15-30G stands head and shoulder over 90% of the self-promoted ozone machines.  How?  We don't hack fans and blowers to save on cost but increase profits.  We build our units to last and all parts are the best quality for ozone applications.  

Our units are also designed for easy maintenance.  Remove eight screws to lift off the top and you will see that the key parts (plates and transformers) can be replaced in minutes.  This brings the unit to like-new ozone output.  We offer the support everyone wants when it is needed.

In the end, our equipment will last for five, six, and seven years with normal maintenance.  Buy our 15-20G Max once costs less than buying a lesser ozone machine two or three times.